Junior Counsellors

Junior Counsellors are an important part of the Village staff as they are able to relate to both children and the adults and to act as a link between them. JC's participate in leaders meetings and contribute to the planning and operation of the daily activities.

Age: 16-17
Duration: 28 Days
Size of group: Travel individually to a Village program


It's the leader's job to help participants get the most out of their program.  They are part teacher, part best buddy, part travel guide, part cheerleader – and all kinds of awesome.

Leader Selection

A great CISV experience starts with a great leader, and we do our best to make sure ours are amazing.

CISV Waterloo leaders are carefully selected from applicants who are 21 or over, demonstrate a strong interest in the goals and philosophy of CISV, and have the maturity and experience to handle the responsibilities assigned to them. Many of our leaders are long-time CISVers who were Village delegates themselves. However, previous CISV experience is not a requirement for being assigned a leadership position.

Comprehensive Training

All CISV Waterloo leaders receive comprehensive orientation and training based on international standards. Every leader learns about the goals and philosophies of CISV, the administrative and legal requirements of travelling as an adult in the care of children, the health and safety of those children, issues of risk management and how best to manage the unexpected.

Laying the Groundwork for Success

We're also really big on leaders and delegations getting to know one another, so all our leaders make a point of arranging group activities in the months leading up to departure.

Want to lead a CISV Waterloo program? Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.