International Programs


Age: 11
Duration: 28 days

The Village is a unique four week international camp that was the original CISV program and is still its flagship. A camp unlike any other, Villages bring together delegations from up to 12 countries to participate in a mix of educational, cultural, and sporting activities, which emphasize cooperative global and intercultural living.

Size of Group: Each delegation comprises 2 boys and 2 girls with an adult leader (age 21+).  The camp is coordinated by an adult staff supported by Junior Counselors (age 16-17).

Educational Goals: To help participants understand and appreciate people of different cultures • To provide a rich experience in active coexistence • To provide the chance for children to participate in decision making


Age: 12 - 15
Duration: 14 - 28 days per phase (phases can be consecutive or take place up to a year apart)

While based on the same educational principles as CISV’s camp based programs, Interchange encourages a deeper encounter between two cultures by placing young people within families. Group activities such as a mini-camp are vital in complementing the intense in-depth family experience.  Interchange takes place in two phases with one delegation visiting another country and then reciprocating by hosting the delegation from the country they visited.  Not only is this a profound intercultural experience for the youth participant, but it also engages the whole family, and potentially the community in which they live, in the CISV experience.   

Size of Group: Delegations come from 2 countries and comprise 6 - 12 youth accompanied by an adult leader (age 21+)

Educational Goals: To encourage understanding of another culture by living as one of the family • To incorporate these experiences into the daily lives of participants and their families • To encourage CISV attitudes and actions

Step Up

Age: 12 - 15
Duration: 21 Days

Aimed at young teens, the Step Up program encourages participants to take responsibility for leadership and program planning. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme. Participants work together to plan activities and discussions which build on the chosen theme.

Size of Group: Delegations come from 6 or 9 countries and are comprised of 4 - 6 youths, equally divided between girls and boys, who are accompanied by an adult Leader (age 21+).  The camp is coordinated by an adult staff.

Educational Goals: To overcome prejudices, build self-confidence and stimulate critical thinking • To encourage delegates to take leadership of and responsibility for the program.

Youth Meeting

Age: 12 - 18
Duration: 8 or 15 Days

The short regional camps feature individual themes that allow young people to explore intercultural issues in a regional context. The program reinforces core CISV values, builds leadership and organizational skills, while promoting continued CISV involvement.

Size of Group: Approximately 25 - 35 participants plus staff.  People under 16 travel in delegations with an adult leader (age 21+)

Educational Goals: To reinforce core CISV values: Friendship, Inclusiveness, Enthusiasm, Engagement, Cooperation • To build leadership and organizational skills

Seminar Camp

Age: 17 - 18
Duration: 21 Days

This personally challenging, intensive program is facilitated by participants.  Participants develop their own themes and agenda to explore issues and form opinions about individual, international and multicultural matters, within a framework which stresses positive conflict resolution.  Seminar Camp fosters interest in the world as a whole and develops a sense of responsibility for its peaceful survival.

Size of Group: 30 participants plus international adult staff

Educational Goals: To help participants formulate their own opinions about international issues by exposing them to the ideas of young people from other cultures • To teach delegates to accept conflict as a part of daily life and give them practise resolving these conflicts • To encourage an interest in the world and a sense of responsibility for its sustainable use

People's Project

Age: 19+
Duration: 21 Days

This innovative program is a way to learn while actively contributing to the community. In partnership with local organizations, delegates participate in hands-on work involving a specific theme or project, such as nature conservation or immigration. They also research the issue in their own countries and lead educational activities on the subject. Additional training may be provided by the partner or other experts in the field.

Size of Group: Approximately 25 participants including staff

Educational Goals: To learn how participating nations deal with the chosen theme • To make a contribution to the life of a local community • To promote intercultural interaction and cooperation • To empower participants to use their practical and interpersonal skills and to develop them further

National Programs

National Camp

Age: 10 - 25
Duration: 7 Days

At National Camp the themes and philosophies of CISV are explored through activities and discussions which are largely planned by the participants themselves.

Size of Group: Approximately 50 delegates come from across Canada, either individually or in groups depending on the number of applicants from each chapter.

Educational Goals: To consolidate the lessons learned during international CISV programs • To delver deeper into aspects that are touched upon during international programs • To relate CISV aims to local reality • To be a means of introducing and involving anyone who may not have participated in an international program